Principal Photography Wrapped on The Opportunist

My eyes are bloodshot and the feeling of meaningful sleep is a distant memory, but we have just finished shooting "The Opportunist". It was an incredible experience. As an actor, there is truly nothing more luxurious than shutting down every other aspect of your life and letting a character completely envelop you. We shot over three days, starting at about 3:00PM and ending at around 8:00AM. Shooting through the night took the film to a very strange, yet very affecting place. For me personally, the first night, at around 5:30AM, about 19 takes into a particularly difficult scene, something just... clicked. I could feel any last connection to the physical reality of my life as a young actor in Los Angeles fall away and the character of Jason take over in a way I had hoped it would. From then on, I could feel his presence in every moment on set. He still haunts me today as I'm writing this. What a strange feeling it is to capture a moment in the life of a character on film and then be forced to let him drift into the recesses of your mind while the film is compiled, edited, mixed, designed and colored. Until it is ready to be seen, the world of "The Opportunist" will live in my mind as a kaleidoscope of moments, but those moments are some of the most emotional and real that I have experienced as an actor. A huge, huge thank you to everyone who worked on the film. And especially to our fantastically talented director David Lassiter who poured more into this film than I've seen anyone do in my life. And to Alberto Roldan, our tireless producer who braved the long nights, taking on any and every task. And to Mike Fuchs, the silent superhero of our shoot: our cinematographer. To Cate Smierciak and the rest of the crew who went above and beyond into the insane hours of the night with the rest of us. And to our talented cast, including my friend Riccardo LeBron, who delivers a phenomenal performance and is an unmistakable star. And to all the rest, the cast, the crew, the extras, those who lent their unwavering support to us on this project: thank you.