First Review from Cannes!

Today the programmers from La Semaine De La Critique posted the first review of our film. The critic, Fabien Gaffez, had some wonderful things to say about our film, our director David Lassiter and specifically my performance. It's a tremendous pleasure to hear how positively Critic's Week has responded to The Opportunist. I specifically enjoyed Fabien's choice of phrases like "flamboyantly unpleasant" and "Machiavellian rage". There is something so precise and deliberate about the use of those words, and to me they seem entirely accurate when I reflect upon the character of Jason. We are all so excited to be sitting in Espace Miramar next Saturday to premiere the film. I've posted a screen grab of the website above, but for the text version of the review, check out below:


One of the strengths of The Opportunist is its central character, whose bad energy drives the film forwards and reveals a very talented actor. This flamboyantly unpleasant character progressively makes us believe he is capable of anything, as he moves through a night in which his opportunism seems motivated by a Machiavellian rage. The film leaves us hanging on every word uttered by this new Patrick Bateman with whom he shares a sort of nihilistic anxiety. David Lassiter promises a film which displays all the power of genre and subtly allowing us to get attached to the characters." --Fabien Gaffez