THE OPPORTUNIST - Life After Cannes

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"Filmmakers David Lassiter, Cate Smierciak and Alberto Roldan were heralded immediately following the Cannes section selection, hitting the front cover of the LA Times as, “Cannes-do Kickstarter Spirit” and in Hollywood Reporter and Indiewire as, “The only American short in the entire Cannes Film Festival competition for 2013”.

Now spotlighted and held-up by the loving arms of Festival de Cannes, we began a conversation with the team to see what happens in the Cannes-aftermath. Where do the fantasies of featuring in Cannes competition lead to? Where to do the countless Croisette and champagne conversations end? And was Cannes the right place for LA-seeded film outfit ‘Bureau of Ships’ to launch to the screen?"


THE OPPORTUNIST -- Los Angeles Times

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"...The following day, Los Angeles-based director David Lassiter, actor Nick Clifford and two producing partners gathered in a spot not far away at the Grand.

The Silver Lake quartet, who had also turned to Kickstarter to raise money, had come to Cannes with their short film "The Opportunist," an L.A.-set character drama about a charming con man that also world-premiered on Saturday, this time in the Critics' Week section.

When they received a response from the festival, they were so convinced they wouldn't get in that they misread the French message as a rejection letter.

It's rare for Americans to land in Critics' Week. It's even rarer for just-trying-to-get-a-break directors in their 20s..."


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 "...Meanwhile, the L.A. Times’ Steven Zeitchik found a young New York-based director of corporate videos and a quartet of short-film makers from L.A. in Cannes, and spotted a trend: the “Kickstarter Kids,” unexpected visitors to the South of France who got into the festival with little, independent crowd-funded films.

“It cost us more money to come to Cannes than to make this movie,” said Cate Smierciak, one of the producers of a short called “The Opportunist,” which is playing in the Critics Week section. (After using Kickstarter to get the money to make the movie, she and her colleagues used it again to get to Cannes.)..."

THE OPPORTUNIST -- Format Court Review (French)

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"...Le réalisateur fait le choix d’une mise en scène sobre et sans fioritures, s’effaçant derrière son personnage pour mieux révéler son intensité. Film froid et efficace, «The Opportunist» doit beaucoup à l’interprétation remarquable de son acteur principal, Nick Clifford..."


"...The direction is simple and unadorned, which allows the intensity of the character to take center stage. A cold and affecting film, The Opportunist owes a considerable amount to the remarkable performance of its principal actor Nick Clifford..."

THE OPPORTUNIST -- Nisi Masa Magazine

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"...One of the very few North American films to have made it into Cannes this year, The  Opportunist  ended up stealing the show in many ways.

Aided by a brilliant, energetic and sometimes disturbing electronic soundtrack, The Opportunist  is a stylistic triumph. The editing and the acting are particularly worthy of mentioning, as both produce brilliant and subtle perspective changes, in very short amounts of time, transporting the viewer into different states of mind.

It holds much potential to become an indie cult piece. This is a provocative and fresh film that, if taken further, could be the beginning of a new trend in North American independent film..." 

THE OPPORTUNIST -- Nisimazine Interview

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"...Nick Clifford stars in Critics' Week's short film The Opportunist , in which he plays a sly young man who thrives off of the thrill of invading the lives of others. The film begins with an act of audacious party crashing, before gradually descending into sensationally sinister territory.

Your portrayal of this character is very intense. How was your experience shooting the film? 

It was the first day of shooting nights so you're always exhausted cause you essentially haven't slept in 24 hours..."


THE OPPORTUNIST -- Reflections Cinema Blog

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"...Following Our Heroes I went to the short film corner to see The Opportunist  (Critics' Week) by American director David Lassiter. Since I was interviewing David later, it was important to find plenty to discuss in the film and I was very fortunate to discover an accomplished short full of nuance and ideas. In the film a young man blags his way into a party and then proceeds to take advantage of the hedonistic pursuits available to him. It is a deeply unsettling short film, but it never steps into extremes, allowing the tension to bubble beneath the surface..."

THE OPPORTUNIST -- Semaine de la Critique, Cannes

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"...One of the strengths of The Opportunist  is its central character, whose bad energy drives the film forwards and reveals a very talented actor. This flamboyantly unpleasant character progressively makes us believe he is capable of anything, as he moves through a night in which his opportunism seems motivated by a Machiavellian rage.

The film leaves us hanging on every word uttered by this new Patrick Bateman with whom he shares a sort of nihilistic anxiety. David Lassiter promises a film which displays all the power of genre and subtly allowing us to get attached to the characters..." 

THE OPPORTUNIST -- Thompson On Hollywood

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"...The Opportunist , a short film written and directed by David Lassiter, has been selected as the sole US short to compete at this year's Cannes Film Festival. The short will screen as part of the International Critics' Week and is the only American short anywhere in competition at the festival.

A film about a young man (Nick Clifford) who charms his way into a party with a sinister, ulterior motive, The Opportunist  will screen alongside the Critics' Week opening night selection, David Lowery's Sundance Hit Aint Them Bodies Saints ..."

THE OPPORTUNIST -- Brown University Press

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Featured on Indiewire, former undergraduate Nick Clifford stars in The Opportunist , the only American film to compete during La Semaine De La Critique (Critics Week) at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival. His short film was selected among over 1700 entries from around the world, noted for "branching out in directions," in the words of Charles Tesson, the Critic's Week artistic director. Talented alumni of Critic’s Week past, include Guillermo Del Toro (Pan’s Labyrinth), Wong Kar Wai (In The Mood For Love), Kevin Smith (Dogma), and Miranda July (Me You and Everyone We Know.)

The film is a character-study of a meticulously crafted protagonist named Jason: a social shape-shifter who is addicted to the visceral thrill of invading the lives of others. Clifford plays Jason, and is on screen for the entire 14 minutes of the film. It’s a chilling narrative of social deviance and psychological depth that will leave you breathless..."