Hindsight on VH1

Hindsight is the first scripted one-hour drama for VH1. The series focuses on Becca (Laura Ramsey) who, while wrestling with doubts on the eve of her second wedding, finds herself sent back to 1995. Specifically, Becca finds that she has time traveled to the day of her first wedding, a marriage that ultimately ended in divorce. Upon her arrival in 1995, Becca reunites with her best friend Lolly (Sarah Goldberg), from who she has become estranged in present day, breaks off her engagement to her first husband, and resolves to use her trip back in time to correct what she sees as personal and professional mistakes. She reunites with her childhood friend Andy (Nick Clifford), the same Andy who almost became her second husband, but now they are young kids again, and Andy causes a strong rift in the lives of Becca, her first husband Sean (Craig Horner), and Andy's tenacious girlfriend Melanie (Jessy Hodges) as his love for Becca becomes clear.


OFFICIAL SELECTION: Critics' Week, Cannes Film Festival

A night in the life of a social shape-shifter addicted to the visceral thrill of invading the lives of others. Bureau of Ships Presents "The Opportunist" Written and Directed by David Lassiter Produced by Alberto Roldán and Cate Smierciak Starring Nick Clifford Featuring Music by Gesaffelstein & Brodinski www.opportunistfilm.com

"One of the strengths of The Opportunist is its central character, whose bad energy drives the film forwards and reveals a very talented actor. This flamboyantly unpleasant character progressively makes us believe he is capable of anything, as he moves through a night in which his opportunism seems motivated by a Machiavellian rage. The film leaves us hanging on every word uttered by this new Patrick Bateman with whom he shares a sort of nihilistic anxiety. David Lassiter promises a film which displays all the power of genre and subtly allowing us to get attached to the characters." --Fabien Gaffez, Programmer - Semaine de la Critique - Cannes (Critics' Week)


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In this four part mini-series, Industrial agriculture giant Animoil thinks it has the solution to feeding the world—and its own interests. But when activist Chip Randolph sets out to expose what happens before the meat gets butchered and the products hit the shelves, things get messy, literally.

Nick Clifford is Zach Mitcherson. Zack works at Animoil with his father Mick, where's swiftly making a name for himself. Like Mick, he's a force to be reckoned with. He's also Sophia's boyfriend, and protective of her to say the least.

Farmed & Dangerous was a revolutionary new series that brought Chipotle worldwide acclaim, including the prestigious Clio Award for Branded Entertainment and a spotlight at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.


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It’s often noted that kids are starting to grow up younger and younger (thanks milk hormones, cell phones, and low riding jeans), but not much has been said about them staying in this state of arrested development for increasingly longer and longer periods of time. “Couples” is the story of some such 20-somethings who, like many in their generation, are attempting to juggle adult relationships and responsibilities armed only with the emotional skills of a pre-teen.

Runtime : 9 mins