Hindsight on VH1

Hindsight is the first scripted one-hour drama for VH1. The series focuses on Becca (Laura Ramsey) who, while wrestling with doubts on the eve of her second wedding, finds herself sent back to 1995. Specifically, Becca finds that she has time traveled to the day of her first wedding, a marriage that ultimately ended in divorce. Upon her arrival in 1995, Becca reunites with her best friend Lolly (Sarah Goldberg), from who she has become estranged in present day, breaks off her engagement to her first husband, and resolves to use her trip back in time to correct what she sees as personal and professional mistakes. She reunites with her childhood friend Andy (Nick Clifford), the same Andy who almost became her second husband, but now they are young kids again, and Andy causes a strong rift in the lives of Becca, her first husband Sean (Craig Horner), and Andy's tenacious girlfriend Melanie (Jessy Hodges) as his love for Becca becomes clear.